World-class security

You're covered

When online transactions need only a login and password, you don’t expose your financial information, such as credit card numbers. It’s an additional layer of protection for you.

We never close

We monitor transactions 24/7. So rest easy — even when you let your guard down, we won’t.

Superior technology

We build and invest in some of the finest protection available. Next-level encryption keeps transactions heavily guarded from start to finish.

Fraud prevention

Contact us if anything seems suspicious so we can help you prevent fraudulent transactions. Remember: we’ll never ask for personal information in an email..

Dispute resolution

If there’s a problem with a transaction, we’ll put a hold on the funds until the issue is resolved. We'll investigate and guide you through every step of the process.

Global transactions

Buy or sell around the globe. We accept and convert 26 currencies from 203 countries to make buying and selling around the world simple and secure.

“Unauthorized Transaction”

There’s a transaction, but the accountholder claims that they didn’t authorize the payment.

“Item Not Received”

A buyer pays for an item, but claims he or she didn’t receive it.

All eligible sales are automatically protected and there’s no charge for using the Seller Protection. With Seller Protection, you can carry on with your business knowing that we have your back.

For full information and Seller Protection requirements, see our User Agreement

Protected Sales

We cover physical goods (not digital items or services) that are sold and shipped with proof of delivery from within your country to buyers in your country or other countries where PayPal is accepted. To help ensure you’re protected, ship within 7 days to the address indicated in the transaction details using a qualified Shipping Company according to PayPal’s User Agreement, and provide an accurate delivery estimate. Be upfront about all the details of the item – specifically defects, use, and abnormalities.

What are the requirements for Seller Protection?

Initial Requirements
  • Ship the item using a qualified Shipping company according PayPal’s User Agreement to the address on the Transaction Details page.
  • The item sold must be a physical, tangible item that can be shipped. This means intangible items such as digital goods and services aren’t covered.
  • If we request documentation or other relevant information, you need to respond within the requested deadline.
  • Your permanent address (listed in your PayPal account) must be in the country where you signed up for your PayPal account.
Additional Requirements
For “Item Not Received” cases:
  • The payment must be marked “eligible” or “partially eligible” on the Transaction Details page.
  • You must provide online tracking to be eligible for protection (learn more about online tracking on “What is Proof of Delivery?”).
For “Unauthorized Payment” cases:
  • The payment must be marked “eligible” on the Transaction Details page.
  • You must provide Proof of Delivery or Proof of Shipment as described below.

What isn’t covered by Seller Protection?

Most PayPal transactions are covered as long as they follow Seller Protection requirements. However, there are instances where Seller Protection doesn’t apply:
  • Claims, chargebacks, or reversals filed because the item is significantly different from how it was described (e.g. you described an item as “new,” but sent a used one).
  • Intangible purchases like services, digital goods, etc.
  • Items picked up locally or in person.
  • Claims filed directly through an eBay account.
  • Prohibited items such as drug paraphernalia, ammunition/firearms, or counterfeit goods.
All the eligibility requirements for coverage can be found in our User Agreement.

What is Proof of Delivery?

Proof of Delivery is online documentation from a qualified shipping company that includes all of the following:
  • The item’s status as delivered.
  • The date the item was delivered.
  • The recipient's address, showing at least the city and state, or city and country, or zip/postal code (or international equivalent). The address information on your shipping receipt must match the address on the Transaction Details page.
  • Signature Confirmation, if the full amount of the payment (including shipping and taxes) is $750 USD or more, a signature confirmation is required. This documentation can be viewed at the shipping company’s website and indicates that the item was signed for on delivery.

What is Proof of Shipment?

Proof of Shipment is online or physical documentation from a qualified shipping company that includes all of the following:
  • The shipping company.
  • The date the item was shipped.
  • The recipient’s address, showing at least the city and state, or city and country, or zip/postal code (or international equivalent). The address information on your shipping receipt must match the address on the Transaction Details page.

How do I provide Proof of Delivery or Proof of Shipment?

Log in to your PayPal account and go to the Resolutions Center. We’ll provide an estimated timeline and guide you through the process there.

What can you do ahead of time to be covered by Seller Protection?

Before you ship your customer’s order, check to see if your transaction is eligible for Seller Protection.
  • If it's eligible, great. You don’t need to do anything to register beforehand for coverage. If necessary, you can open a claim by following the steps described above.
  • If your transaction isn’t eligible or is only partially eligible, please note that you bear responsibility for any problems or losses. So exercise caution, and review your orders carefully for any indication of fraud.

Tips for Safer Sales with PayPal

  • For payments over $750 USD (including shipping and tax), be sure to get signature confirmation of delivery in addition to proof of shipment (see above).
  • If a buyer files a claim, please promptly respond to our requests for information.
  • Ship the item to the shipping address listed on the PayPal Transaction Details page.
  • If you sell or market to buyers in other countries, please read the PayPal Buyer Protection policy of the countries in which your target buyers are based as these policies will apply to you as a payment recipient or seller

What to do if a customer files a claim?

First, log in to your account to see if the transaction was eligible or partially eligible to Seller Protection. Even if we can’t cover you for the transaction, responding in the Resolution Center makes it easier for us to help you through the claim.

If your claim is eligible, you’ll need to follow the requirements described above.