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Policy Updates


Notice of Amendment to PayPal Legal Agreements

Issued: 29 September 2020 


Please read this document.

We’re making changes to the legal agreements that govern your relationship with PayPal.

We encourage you to carefully review the notices below so that you are familiar with these upcoming changes.

There is no further action needed from you as these changes will take place automatically on the Effective Dates shown below. In the event you would prefer to decline these changes and close your account, you can do so prior to the Effective Date.

Updates to the India User Agreement

Effective:  October 22, 2020

We’re making the following changes to our terms:

  • We are clarifying on your available options in case you do not agree with the revised terms and conditions in the User Agreement
  • We are updating the policies with which you agree to comply when you open and use a PayPal account.  
  • We are clarifying the circumstances under which Commercial Entity Agreements apply to business and personal accounts.
  • We are establishing a dispute fee and have added the terms and conditions that apply. We have removed the chargeback fee in lieu of the dispute fee.
  • We have revised our volume-based tiers pricing and moved to flat pricing fee for international payments.

To review the updated User Agreement, please Click HERE.