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Policy Updates


Notice of Amendment(s) to India Agreement(s)

Issued: October 29 2021


This Page

This page displays policy updates which notify users of important changes to the PayPal India User Agreement or other online agreements, policies, or statements. Please go to “Past Policy Updates” to view previous policy updates.


Amendments to the PayPal User Agreement

Effective 1st December 2021 we are:

  • Relocating PayPal’s Buyer Protection program and Seller Protection program terms to separate web pages. These program terms are accepted at the time you agree to the User Agreement and remain part of the User Agreement. The relocation is intended to make the terms easier to locate and navigate.
  • Revising PayPal’s Seller Protection program to clarify that proof of shipment and proof of delivery also must include an online verifiable tracking number.
  • Clarifying that abuse of our online dispute resolution process, PayPal's Buyer Protection program, and/or PayPal’s Seller Protection program are restricted activities as defined under the user agreement.