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If you changed your mind on something you bought with your PayPal account, send it back and we’ll cover up to 15 USD for international purchase in return shipping costs.

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Here’s what’s covered.

PayPal Free Return Shipping service covers your purchases with the exception of the following^:

  • Intangible goods
  • The return period is over or the return is not in accordance with the return conditions of the seller
  • Items for which only partial payment has been made
  • If the return by post regular mail, courier or any other regular shipping options or services is already paid for by the seller

^Not a complete list. See here for full details

How does it work?


Return your item
Follow the seller’s instructions to return your purchase. Remember to keep a copy of your return shipping receipt.


Submit a Refund Request
Log into your PayPal account, select the purchase you returned and click on “Request a refund on return shipping”. Submit the form along with proof of your return within 30 days.


Receive your refund
You’ll see the refunds in your PayPal account within 10 business days for all approved claims.

Your refund.

Once you've submitted a request, we'll review the details. If it is accepted, you'll receive your refund** in your PayPal account, usually within 10 business days.
**Terms & Conditions Apply

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