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Attract more customers with PayPal’s offer of 50% cashback* up to Rs. 200. For banners that you can use on your website or emailers, download the Business Toolkit. You can also scroll down this page to get the PayPal logo on your checkout page.

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How can your consumers avail of and check their awarded cashback?


Customer Signs up for a PayPal account and pays you with PayPal to be eligible for receiving cashback.


Logs in to their PayPal account, goes to Payment Methods and finds their cashback voucher under Saved Offers.


Your customers will be shown the amount mentioned on their cashback voucher the next time they pay you or any other Indian merchant accepting PayPal.

FAQs your customers may be interested in

If your customer is eligible for receiving cashback, it will be added into their PayPal account. Just in case, if they have still not received it, they can always look out for cashback under the ‘Offers’ tab on the PayPal App or under the Payment Methods section on the website.
Please note that cashback will be processed 5 days after successful transaction date.

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