What happens if I don't provide the FATCA information PayPal requests?

If you're a new account holder, you'll be required to complete the certification we requested to comply with FATCA within 90 days of opening your account. If the certification isn't completed within 90 days, you'll no longer be able to send funds from, or receive funds into your account.

If you're an existing account holder and you're required to provide additional documentation to ensure your status (as a U.S. person or a non-U.S. person) is properly documented for FATCA purposes, then you'll be required to provide the requested information within 30 days from the date we requested it. If the information isn't provided within 30 days, your PayPal account will be limited on day 30 and you won't be able to:
  • Send funds from the account.
  • Close the account.

If you don't provide the required information within 45 days from the date we requested it, your PayPal account will be further restricted on day 45 and you won't be able to:
  • Send funds from, or receiving funds into the account.
  • Remove bank or card information.
  • Close the account.

In each case, the restriction will apply until we receive the proper documents. Learn how to complete the certification while the account is being restricted.