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51% Consumers trust businesses more if PayPal is accepted1
37% of consumers have a higher willingness to buy where PayPal is present2
59% of users have abandoned a transaction because PayPal wasn’t there3

1 Ipsos MORI Conjoint research C02. Have you ever decided not to make a purchase because you wanted to pay with PayPal and it was not available. C03. When a retailer you are not familiar with offers you the option of using PayPal, does that make you trust the retailer more, less or not make a difference? Base: PayPal Users (1176).

2 Ipsos MORI conjoint research: Conjoint Simulation Base: (1500) Respondents presented with a variety of transaction scenarios (different variables such as vertical, value, device, familiarity of brand, domesticity of merchant, available payment providers) and asked whether they would be willing to buy.

3 Ipsos MORI Conjoint Research S03. And thinking about how you pay for things you buy, which of the following have you used in the last 12 months? A08. When you’ve been shopping online, what is your preferred method or payment Base: S03 Total Respondents (1500); A08 (888)