A new way to collect money from friends.

Collecting money for a group gift, special event or an experience? With PayPal, you can create a Money Pool where people can send you money without paying fees.*

Start a Money Pool

You can use Money Pools for just about anything.

Group gifts

Chip in for prezzies with friends, family or work mates.


Plan your trip and take the mess out of splitting the cost.

Special events

From weddings to festivals – you name it – a Money Pool makes collecting money simpler.

A helping hand

Collect money for a friend in need or a worthwhile cause.

Here’s how it works

Set up your Money Pool

You can set up your Money Pool online or with the PayPal app. Then share it with your mates via WhatsApp, email or social media.

Chip in simply and securely

When your friends chip in, PayPal encryption keeps their financial information more secure.

Spend the money when you’re ready

You can track your target, and see who's paid in.

More reasons to use PayPal Money Pools.

You can personalise your Pool

It’s free to set up and to chip in

You can keep your money secure

Make the most of your PayPal account.

Send money

All it takes is a few taps to send money to friends and family around the world.
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Gift money

Our digital greetings let you add a personal touch to your present.
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Request money

Email, text or post your PayPal.Me link, and get paid right away.
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It’s free and easy to start collecting money today.

Start a Money Pool

*Fees for cross-border transactions may apply. PayPal’s exchanges rates may be applied to currency conversions. For further information see User Agreement.

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