Keep your account secure.

Make sure your password is strong and unique to PayPal so that even if another site you use is compromised, your account isn’t.

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Strong passwords

Use at least 8 characters, including upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.Don’t include words or dates associated with you, like your name, family names, pet names, dates of birth, or anniversaries.Don’t use common words like “password” or “qwerty”. They’re easily guessed and not secure.Want a trick?
Think of a memorable word and swap some letters out with numbers. For example, if you imagine a blue cow, your password could be B1U3_C0w.

Strong PINs

Use at least 4 digits, but the longer the better.Don’t use dates associated with you, like your date of birth, dates of birth of family members or your anniversary.Don’t use 1234 or 1111, or another basic PIN that can be easily guessed.Want a trick?
Think of a memorable image and spell the word with the number pad. For example, if you imagine a blue cow, your PIN would be 2583269 (B2-L5-U8-E3-C2-O6-W9).

More ways to help keep your account secure.

Use biometrics

Using biometrics – Touch ID, Face ID or Fingerprint Manager – to log in to our apps is one of the best actions you can take towards keeping your account secure. Biometrics are exclusive to your device and not shared with any online service.

Set up security questions

Security questions can help you access your account if you forget your password, but sometimes the answers are obvious. So instead of answering with your mother’s best friend’s name, use a quirk of hers, like AuntiePinchesMyCheeks.

Manage your passwords

With so many passwords to remember, it can be impossible to keep them straight. Try memorizing part of your passwords and write down the rest. Keep the list in a secure electronic or physical location only you can access.

PayPal helps keep you safe.

System security

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