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As your dropshipping business grows, you need a payment solution that is widely accepted, is fast and secure, and helps you process your business transactions. All of which you’ll find easily provided by PayPal. You can rely on our Seller Protection to minimize fraudulent transactions, while our Buyer Protection gives your customers peace of mind when shopping with you, thus leading to higher sales conversions. Get all these benefits in one place with PayPal and boost your dropshipping business today.

Why go global with PayPal

Grow globally with us

Access a whole world of customers. PayPal is available and trusted in over 200 countries, and you can accept payments in over 25 currencies.

Maximize sales

PayPal Checkout conversion is 87.5%*, higher than standard checkouts by 42%, and 36% higher than competing digital wallets.

* ComScore. Online Payment Type: Conversion Analysis, April 2016.

Your business is protected

With our Seller Protection program and advanced fraud-monitoring tools, we’ve got your business covered.

Manage financial reporting

Keep track of your growing business payments with our detailed and customized reporting tools.

Save on exchange rate costs

Rather than converting currencies to pay your suppliers and advertising expenses, you can make payments with your PayPal USD balance and minimize foreign exchange fees.

PayPal is great for your customers too

Your customers will also enjoy many benefits when they use PayPal for their purchases:

Free return shipping lets customers make purchases knowing they are covered for return costs as well.

Safe shopping and payment with peace of mind as data encryption protects customers’ financial information.

Buyer Protection allows customers to claim a full refund if they don’t get what they paid for.

Fast One Touch Checkout enables customers to make purchases without having to key in payment details every time they check out.

Start using PayPal for your dropshipping business today.

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