What's the difference between a dispute and a claim?

When you make a purchase with PayPal, you can contest the transaction if you don't receive the product/service or if you receive something other than what was advertised. The Buyer Protection program is carried out in two different phases: dispute and claim.
The dispute is a communication channel within the Resolution Center where buyers and sellers can exchange messages to reach an amicable solution and resolve the case. The buyer has 180 days to open the dispute from the date of purchase. It is not possible to dispute a purchase made more than 180 days ago. See how to open a dispute here.
When the dispute is opened, the seller will take action and may respond by proposing a solution or by making a refund. The buyer can also mark the problem as resolved and close the case at any time.
If this time is not sufficient to resolve the problem, the dispute can be escalated to a claim by both the buyer and seller. In this second step, we will broker the case and collect evidence from both parties to further review and reach a resolution within 30 days.
The dispute can be escalated to a claim within 20 days, after which the case is closed and cannot be reopened.
To ensure your protection, always keep an eye on escalation deadlines and monitor your email, that's where we'll communicate if we need something. Also, never close a case if your problem has not been solved.