I am having trouble enrolling my charity with PayPal Giving Fund what should I do? (Charities)

If your charity is experiencing an issue with the enrolment process, we'd first recommend logging into your PayPal account to check if there's any outstanding documentation that PayPal requires from your charity.  
If further information is required, there'll be a notification shown within your account. Click the ‘What you’ll need to enrol’ link on our website to determine what information is required to become a confirmed charity with PayPal and enrol with PayPal Giving Fund Ireland. 
It's also important that when beginning the process, you select that you're a ”Non-Profit Organization” as well as providing your registered charity number to complete the confirmed charity process. 
If you believe you've provided all the necessary information and you're still experiencing onboarding issues, please contact our customer service team who can assist further.