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PayPal helps businesses find active buyers, increase conversion across channels, and scale into new markets.

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Looking for an out-of-the-box commerce solution?

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Leverage payments innovation as a catalyst for growth

Stay agile, ahead of trends, and help safeguard against economic uncertainty with modular solutions that are easy to operationalize. Learn about our enterprise platform

Maximize revenue with proprietary intelligence

With one of the world’s largest data sets, we help you understand customer behaviors, detect fraud, and capture more revenue across channels, devices, and markets. Learn about our enterprise platform

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Connect into a robust and reliable network

PayPal is a single point of entry to unmatched payments expertise, tools, technology, and data that can help you compete and win in any market. Learn about our enterprise platform

We help drive growth for some of the world’s most forward-looking brands

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PayPal is trusted by businesses and consumers around the world

375+ million active consumers*
200+ markets globally*

20+ years experience*
28+ million merchants*

PayPal has been a total game changer for us. I've always had an underlying mindset about changing the status quo and plenty of ideas were there, but with PayPal, I've learned about the capabilities and framework behind how to really bring some of these ideas to life. You start to see what's actually possible; pieces start coming together and, with PayPal, we can create these new, amazing experiences.

Marc Kulbersh
Manager, Business Innovation & Strategic Partnerships

Phoenix Suns

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Ebook: Everything you need to know about payment processing solutions

Ebook: Everything you need to know about payment processing solutions

Your customers expect a seamless and secure digital purchasing experience. Learn how your business can provide it.

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Infographic: Measuring the rapid digital shift

U.S. consumer shopping habits are rapidly—and likely irreversibly—changing. Check out the latest insights into post-COVID consumer behavior.

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Webinar: How to convert more digital customers

See how PayPal can help you capture online sales and reduce cart abandonment by implementing a few simple best practices.

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We’re recognized for our innovation, technology, and performance

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Learn how payments can be leveraged as a catalyst for growth. sales

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See how our flexible and interoperable technology helps to simplify integration. integrate arrow

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