Manage your business
anywhere with the
new PayPal Business App.

Stay on top of your account activity, send invoices and view customer information
on the go from the palm of your hand.

Create and send custom invoices on the go

View your account activity and manage refunds

View your customer information and transaction history

Send custom invoices at the touch of a button

Create and send invoices in the moment, so customers can pay right away. You can also track unpaid invoices and send reminders all in just a few taps.

Stay on top of your business, anywhere

Whether you need to withdraw funds to your bank account, view transaction details, issue refunds, or check your account balance, it’s all right at your fingertips.

One place for all of your customer information

Now you can access all of your PayPal customer information in one place. You can view your customers’ transaction history and get in touch directly from your mobile phone.

Your eligible transactions on business app are covered by seller protection

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