A new way to collect money from friends.

With PayPal Money Pools, you can create a page that lets people easily chip in for group gifts, special events and more. PayPal can do that.*

Start a PayPal Money Pool

You can use PayPal Money Pools for just about anything.

Group gifts

Split the cost of presents with friends, co-workers and family members.


Plan a trip with multiple people and divide the cost without stress.

Special events

Skip the registries and ask for wedding and baby shower money instead.

A helpful hand

Collect money for someone in need or a personal cause.

All it takes is three simple steps.

Tell your story

Tell about the goal on the PayPal Money Pool page and share the link via email, a chat, or social media.

Collect money

When your friends chip in, PayPal encryption keeps their financial information more secure.

Track and use

The proceeds go straight to your PayPal Money Pools account so you can track and use them whenever needed.

More reasons to use PayPal Money Pools.

It’s personal

It’s free of hidden fees

It’s more secure

Make the most of your PayPal account.

Send money

All it takes is a few taps to deliver money to PayPal users around the globe.
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Gift money

Our digital greetings let you add a personal touch to your present.
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Request money

Email text, email, or post your PayPal.Me link and get paid right away.
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It’s free and easy to start collecting funds today.

Start a PayPal Money Pool

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